Why a blog?

Why a blog?

For more than 50 years, Fillion has focused on one goal: to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to evolving technologies while offering the best service possible, all firmly rooted in the customer’s reality.

This blog is a mirror image of our in-store approach – and one more effective way to share our expertise, our experiences and our passion for all things audio and video.

As bloggers, our insights are based on real-world experience since we have access to any of seven state-of-the-art viewing and/or listening rooms installed with high-performance audio equipment and home theatre systems. We also have access to several leading brands, which enables us to produce valid testing and credible comparisons between various system set-ups.

This blog offers you useful tricks and handy hints for all kinds of situations, timely advice to help you to choose your equipment and how to best install it. We also provide test benchmarks as well as updated info on the latest and greatest.

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Our commitment

On the one hand it’s obvious that we are commenting on a specialized business and that we would like to meet you as eventual customers while sharing our thoughts via this blog. On the other hand, this blog is above all, a self-contained virtual space which enables us to forge links by sharing with you our passion for the audio-visual world which has driven and inspired us for more than 50 years. Whether you’re clicking on this blog or visiting our bricks and mortar store, our commitment to you is identical – namely, to ensure your satisfaction by clarifying your choices.

And what about objectivity? As retailers of a very extensive range of brands, we encourage a critical look at the products we offer. Our evaluations are based on real-world comparisons rather than on manufacturer specs. As for other products, we try to get to know the best available and we invite you to share your experience with systems offered by competing brands.

The owners, Sylvie and Bernard, gave us carte blanche to express our own opinions as bloggers. Our only obligation is to maintain a respectful approach to you (our customers), to the company and to the manufacturers.

So this blog’s contents represent our opinions only, as interested bloggers, and does not express the point of view of Fillion and the various manufacturers.
And, no, this blog is not financed by any manufacturer or external organization.

To obtain more details regarding our commitment, you can also consult our confidentiality policy.

Your commitment

You don’t have to be an audiophile or A/V expert to post your comments on this blog. Got any questions about certain equipment or on how to install a home theatre system? Don’t hesitate to fire away! Depending on the subject and nature of your questions, we will post relevant information on the blog or answer you directly by email.

Are you well-informed on a particular subject and want to share your knowledge with other bloggers? Are you experiencing a particular situation with a certain TV model? Are you running into roadblocks installing your home theatre system? Let’s hear your issues by posting on the blog…

Finally, whether online or in ‘real life’, mutual respect is key to guaranteeing the quality of the reports that we put out. So we ask you to moderate your comments by respecting the opinions of your fellow bloggers. This blog is a place to share our common passion for audio and video, TV models and home theatre. We control comments only to the extent of limiting or eliminating spam. All forms of criticism are welcome insofar as they are constructive in nature.

To ensure the blog runs smoothly, we have also established certain conditions of use.