Beolab 14 : The ultimate compact speaker ensemble

Bang & Olufsen has the reputation of making products with distinctive looks, built around proprietary technologies. Judging by what we see and hear from the new Beolab 14 speaker range, I would say this reputation is well deserved. The Beolab 14 is a compact, self-powered speaker system available in stereo (2.1) or surround (4.1 and 5.1) configurations. The 14 is the perfect companion to a Beovision television set but, as most B&O speakers, it can also be paired with any stereo or surround sound amplifier.

Backbone of the Beolab 14 system, the stylish bass module houses a robust 8.0” low frequency transducer and the circuits required for amplification and DSP signal processing. Inspired by the concept put forward with the BeoLab 5, the transducer is located at the bottom of the cabinet, facing the floor. This ensures a uniform dispersion of low frequencies, facilitating the positioning of the module in the listening room.

The round satellite speakers are especially cute. Just 6.2” diameter and only 2.4” deep, they can be fitted everywhere: on the floor, on a table, on the wall and even on the ceiling!

I suspect that for most people, even jaded audiophiles (like me), listening to the Beolab 14 in a 5.1 configuration will turn out to be a revelatory experience. This kit throws a humongous soundfield. The sound is crystal clear, the bass is well defined and punchy. This system is surprisingly powerful, well enough to fill a small to medium sized listening room. And considering the compact size and installation flexibility of the satellites speakers, it is difficult to imagine a better solution for condo owners. Available in white with a choice of 5 colors for the grills.