What Not To Do with a Smart TV?

There is a buzz about new smart televisions and Blu-ray players that can connect to the Web. The list of selling points is long and the applications available are among the reasons that will push you to buy a “smart” product. But watch out, the most advertised applications are also the least interesting.

Based on both user experience and an article on CNET.com, here are 3 types of applications that are not worth the trouble using on a TV, although they are highly praised by companies.

Social Applications

Twitter and Facebook on a TV screen? The quickest and easiest way to stay connected with your social network is undoubtedly via a computer, tablet or smartphone. The experience is far from easy. Composing messages is labourious and you’ll be quick to give up the idea of writing tweeting through your new TV.

Online Games

Playing games that are simple, repetitive, minimalist or gently mind-numbing is a perfect activity to pass the time while waiting for a bus. But at home, there are few instances when we can afford wasting time like this. So, all these applications of downloadable games on television are not that useful. And don’t forget that you have to play using the TV remote control. Let’s just say that after PlayStation 3 and Xbox, the bar is high when it comes to home entertainment.

Current Events and News

With around the clock news channels, news alerts on smartphones and the ease with which one can follow the headlines on a tablet or a computer, the living room television screen is not about to become the main source of news in the house. On a television, navigation is slow and your screen is bigger, and the quality of the video clips is likely to disappoint.

In conclusion, if you plan on buying a smart TV to enjoy these applications, keep a cool head and carefully analyze your needs. Remember that the main benefits of televisions that connect to the Internet are still watching streaming videos, viewing photo galleries that are on your computer and easily navigating through your media library.