EarSet 3i from Bang & Olufsen

The EarSet 3i are the latest products presented by Danish company Bang & Olufsen. Capable of exceptional sound quality, the EarSet 3i luxury headphones are a model derived from the EarSet 1 Mobile. In fact, they are the in-ear version of the EarSet 1 Mobile, which cover the ears.

The design is clearly signed Bang & Olufsen: a mixture of aluminum and rubber, simple lines with a minimalist result. The headset that keeps the earpiece securely in the ear is actually a tiny strip of plastic. We wondered if it was enough.

There is a microphone and a remote control with three buttons directly on the connection wire. In addition to adjusting the volume and controlling playback, you can use the buttons to navigate through playlists on an iPhone / iPad / iPod.

Other than Apple, the product data sheet does not specify whether the EarSet 3i remote control is compatible with other smartphones. However, most headphones with control buttons work with both Apple and Android devices.

The suggested retail price is $199. The EarSet 3i are available in black and white.

EarSet 3i by B&O