Bang & Olufsen Presents the BeoLab12

Bang & Olufsen, which never does things halfway, brings out the BeoLab12 from its box of ideas. These are active speakers that are attached directly to the wall. Faithful to Bang & Olufsen (B & O) standards, the BeoLab12 are designed with remarkable precision. Their specifications meet the highest requirements and the clean finish in treated aluminum will help you digest the price tag, which exceeds $ 4,500 for the pair.

For B & O, these amplified speakers are the first designed to be positioned directly on the wall. The idea is to harmonize audio-video units with an impressive digital wall mount that is unobtrusive, nice to look at and most importantly, offers high performance. The BeoLab12 are a perfect match for a television from the BeoVision series.

Each speaker is almost a meter high. With a width of only 20 inches, these accessories take little space, but are still somewhat imposing when displayed on each side of a TV. The aluminum finish and cylindrical shape give the BeoLab12 a great look.

As far as sound quality goes, 3 Class D amplifiers provide 480 watts of power. The frequency response extends from 45 Hz to 10 kHz. Each speaker contains two 6.5-inch speakers powered by a 2 x 160-watt amplifier, an 80-watt mid-range cone and a tweeter. The high-frequency speaker uses Acoustic Lens Technology to broadcast its unique sound in a 180-degree radius.

The BeoLab12 will be on sale in the spring of 2012.