Bruno Cardinal

Aged 39, Bruno has already devoted more than a quarter of his life (10 years) serving as a professional A/V consultant. Already very qualified when it comes to audio, he’s now recognized as a topnotch video expert, cognizant of all aspects ‘surrounding’ home theatre – he can answer your most commonplace questions (or most complex) like no one other … spot on, everytime. His personal preferences regarding his movie and music tastes reflect an eclectic and free spirit which hones in on the best elements of both. No question will remain unanswered…

Jean-François Gagnon

A veteran specialist at just 25 years old and already in the major leagues, Jean-François has been precociously active in the A/V field, since…forever! An industry professional since 2003, he’s constantly fascinated by the capacity of audio systems to tangibly reproduce the deep emotional power of music. And the same applies for visual images. So Jean-François is always looking for ways to maximize the total sensory experience available to new system owners and uses the blog to share the many tricks which allow people to ‘live’ these raw emotions.

Sylvie Thibault

Having freshly graduated from UQAM in 1988, with a degree in business marketing administration, Sylvie Thibault intended to apply herself by starting out for a few months at Fillion Électronique. It goes without saying that these ‘few months’ turned into many years, and she now directs the aforementioned company alongside her husband, Bernard Fillion. A passionate devotee of marketing, design and music, Sylvie is a true believer much in relational marketing, an approach which emphasizes very close contact with the customer.

At Fillion Électronique, the personal dimension means everything. For this reason Sylvie makes sure every visitor receives a warm welcome in a relaxed setting. Her key focus is on customer satisfaction. Her greatest wish? That her two children, who currently work part-time for the family company, take over the helm once they finish their studies…