Yamaha Restio ISX-800: Wall Mounted

The Restio audio device is perfectly designed. This compact Yamaha system combines a CD player, AM/FM tuner, iPhone / iPod dock, USB port and alarm clock, easily integrating into any urban and refined decor.

You can use the Restio to listen to CDs, the radio, music stored on Apple devices or on a USB key. The only drawback is that the system is lacking when it comes to displaying digital files on a USB key, which are only identified by the track number and the folder where they located.

The alarm clock uses IntelliAlarm technology to provide a smooth wake up. Initially, the system will play the audio source selected by limiting high frequencies to avoid waking you up too suddenly. The high frequencies are slowly added as the song progresses. It’s an excellent idea.

The Restio ISX-800 audio system contains two 1.25-inch high frequency speakers and two 4-inch low frequency speakers.

Installing it is easy, just affix the Restio directly to the wall. Its square shape and thickness of 9 cm make it compact and nice to look at. In addition, the fact that the front panel of the Restio is available in black, white, green or purple leaves more options as to how much you want it to stand out in a room.

The elegant Restio can also be installed on a half moon-shaped pedestal directly against the wall, or you can use a more stable circular base for positioning that requires no other support.

Yamaha Restio ISX-800