CES 2014: Panasonic

On October 31 , Panasonic announced the cessation of production of plasma TVs , the exercise was deemed unprofitable in the current market environment ( dominated by sales of LCD TVs ) . The Japanese giant is seen now forced to face a fierce competition on equal terms , without the umbrella of a proprietary technology to distinguish its products. There is no doubt that 2014 will be a year of transition for Panasonic.

Yesterday, in the context of its annual press conference at the Consumer Electronic Show, Panasonic unveiled its first collection of the post-plasma era. Consisting of 6 model lines, sizes are to be found from 32 to 65 ”, with the flagship TC- AX800U boasting UHD (4K) resolution and HDMI 2.0/Display Port inputs. A new interactive user interface called ” Life + Screens ” with gesture recognition will try to do better than its predecessor (Viera Cast) to come out of the shadow of Samsung’s aptly named “Smart TV” hub. According to the spokesman for Panasonic , engineers worked relentlessly during the last 12 months to develop a range of LCD products with an image quality similar or better than plasma. This will have to be seen.