Digitized Album Artwork

Earlier this week we were talking about Bang & Olufsen’s BeoMaster 5, a 500 GB hard drive that can store your entire media library. To access the music content of the BeoMaster 5, the BeoSound 5 is the tool of choice. With the accompanying booklet, photographs and information about the artist, you will feel like your holding the album cover in your hands.

There was a time when showing off your collection of LPs or CDs was very trendy. Today, the idea is to design electronic devices that blend into the decor of your living room. Discretion and aesthetics are becoming the rule. Keeping stacks of CDs below your flat screen is no longer practical.

In the digital era, Bang & Olufsen offers a component that doesn’t sacrifice the sound quality or visual appearance of what a hard drive can offer. The elegant cylindrical navigation control of the BeoSound 5 can browse your collection stored in the BeoMaster 5, and the high-resolution screen will give new life to your album artwork.

The BeoSound 5 supports WMA files. The WMA format is superior to MP3 because it requires less compression, but the file is much larger. The MOTS function (More of the Same) searches tirelessly through your music library and analyzes songs: tones, rhythms, vocal harmonies, frequencies, etc. and builds logical playlists from the search results.

Tomorrow we will talk about the BeoVision television series, which can also be connected to the BeoMaster.

For more information, visit the Bang & Olufsen website.

Photo source: BeoUniverse.com