Building a Virtual Library

Bang & Olufsen offers a trio that will surprise your eyes and your ears. The BeoMaster 5, BeoVision and BeoSound 5 reinvent how we archive media files kept at home.  A true jukebox for the 2010s, this series is driven by a powerful and secure external hard drive: the Beomaster 5.

Discreet and stylish, the BeoMaster 5 is the heart of your virtual library. Its 500 GB allows you to safely store your multimedia files: music (WMA, MP3, WAV, AAC) and photos (JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF).

To begin, connect it to your computer to copy your files. This operation should be done each time you add new content. To simplify transfers, upload software is integrated into the device. After that you can browse its contents using the BeoSound 5 roulette or BeoVision remote to watch or listen.

With the BeoMaster 5, you also make a backup copy of your media files in the way you would with an external storage drive. This is a precaution that we often forget to take. For added security, the BeoMaster 5 has its own antivirus software.

There are several audio products that connect directly to your computer and allow easy access to your library (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, etc.). What Bang & Olufsen offers is intended for people who want a solution that combines design and quality, but requires connections that are a bit more complex and is in a higher price range.

Later this week we will talk about the BeoSound 5 and the BeoVision, the two components that connect to the BeoMaster.

For more information, visit the Bang & Olufsen website.

Image source: Bang & Olufsen